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School of Radiology

Career Opportunities

A career in radiologic technology is one of the fastest growing professions working with the latest advances in medical care. Our country needs a growing number of qualified professionals to pursue a career in radiologic technology providing medical imaging to the sick and injured. The wages are also quite competitive with other health professionals who have similar educational backgrounds.

As a Radiologic Technologist you could work in a large or small hospital, a suburban outpatient clinic or even a rural physician's office. You could specialize in several other modalities of the field ranging from Computerized Tomography (CT) to Radiation Therapy. You could manage an entire radiology department if you have the will, including its budget and personnel or you could teach the profession if so desired.

Opportunities to advance within the field are expanding and a career in radiology offers a promising rewarding future. Only your own abilities and interests determine the boundaries of your career in radiologic technology.

Employment After Graduation

The job placement rate for graduates of the UPMC Chautauqua School of Radiology is very high with most students accepting employment positions prior to graduating from the program. Those students limiting their job search to a specific location or demographic may find some challenges in placement.

While it is the ultimate hope that students trained in the UPMC Chautauqua School of Radiology program will choose to remain in the area to fill staffing vacancies, the hospital does not guarantee positions to its graduates. Traditionally, a varying number of positions have been available for the graduates and those interested will participate in the application and interview process along with other potential employees.

The School does not maintain a job placement bureau, however, students are provided with lectures, mock interviews and other resources to help them with preparing their résumés and in preparation for their future interviews.