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WCA Hospital Honorees gather for the 49th Annual WCA Hospital Employee Recognition Dinner held at Rod & Gun Club in Lakewood, New York.

Jamestown, New York, (Tuesday, May 12, 2009)—One hundred and ninety six employees were honored for their years of service at the 49th WCA Hospital Annual Employee Recognition Dinner held on Monday, May 4th at the Lakewood Rod & Club, Inc., located in Lakewood, New York. The annual dinner is held in celebration of National Hospital Week that provides the year’s best opportunity to recognize staff for special achievements.

Judy Apperson, John Carlson, Jerrie Gilbert, Nancy Hunt, Barbara Knobloch, Kathy Lindstrom, Mary Sue Pawlak, Edward Raymond, Marcia Sleigh, and Judy Wallin were honored for reaching a service milestone of 35 years.

“It is an honor for me to stand before this great group of people and recognize you for your many years of service to WCA and the patients we serve,” said Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital President/CEO.  “WCA Hospital is a special place with a special mission.  Our doors are always open to all.  Sickness, accident and injury happen without respect to age, sex, religion and race.  The quality of care we provide happens because of your commitment and dedication.  Today, more than ever before, all employees have choices.  Healthcare professionals can choose to work in a variety of healthcare settings in just about any geographical area.  WCA would not be what it is today without you.  You cannot be replaced.  Thank you for choosing WCA as the place to practice your profession.”

The invocation was given by Rev. Donald Ray, Pastoral Associate at First Presbyterian Church.  Mrs. Judith Burgett, Chair, WCA Hospital Board of Directors introduced board members. Hospital board members introduced distinguished honorees.  Brenda Ireland, board member, paid tribute to the twelve newest Employees of the Month. Special personal video messages from the 25, 30, and 35-year honorees concluded the evening ceremony.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am honored to welcome you to dinner tonight and to celebrate our good fortune of having you as our employees,” said Mrs. Judith Burgett, WCA Hospital Board of Directors Chair.  “As a member of the WCA family, you are greatly appreciated for your professionalism and work ethic - not just tonight but each and every day. We thank you for all that you do and hope you have a wonderful evening.”

The following hospital employees were recognized for years of service: 35 YEAR:  Judy Apperson,John Carlson,Jerrie Gilbert,Nancy Hunt,Barbara Knobloch,Kathy Lindstrom,Mary Sue Pawlak,Edward Raymond,Marcia Sleigh,Judy Wallin  30 YEAR:  Sharon Arcadipane,Donna Barber,Deborah Chase,John Conklin,Michele Deuble,Patricia Durnell,Nancy Eaker,Terry Flood,Jane Fuller,Deborah Gorman,Tammy Hartzell,Rachelle Hildom,Terrance Horner,Daniel Johnson,Peggy Kestler,Anna Kutschke,Peggy Maloy,Sue Neckers,Sharon Olmstead,Deborah Parker,Robert Piede,Phyllis Proestler ,Debra Swanson,Barbara Williams  25 YEAR:  Susan Allshouse,Karen Beals,Karen Bohall,Janice Brunenavs,Amy Calarco,Susan Carlson,Susan Carnahan,Zoraida Colon,Yvonne Cook,Barbara Counts,Nancy Crites,Roberta Edwards,Sandra Franzen,Deanna Fuller,Bruce Gillen,Diane Hartson,Nancy Johnston,Mary Larson,Rockland Milne,Stefanie Mittlefehldt,Deborah Packard,Sharon Penhollow-Anderson,Susan Price,Pamela Ribbing,Debra Soderberg,Deborah Swanson ,Kay Telschow,Chadine Visosky,Susan Waggoner,Ruth Wassman,Jennie Young  20 YEAR:  Debra Akin,Kathy Andrews,Lillian Babcock,Kathleen Barmore,Judy Baum,Diane Boland,Alan Brown,Donna Bryant,Julie Bunker,Judith Butler,Suzanne Campbell,Jacqueline Carlson,Bonnie Carpenter,Lisa Christ,George Ciancio,Tad Cronin,Linda Erickson,Deborah Ernst,Jane Fox,Mary Susan Giambrone,Gail Gibson,Ann Gustafson,Sandra Gustafson,Linda Hayes,Kenneth Haynes,Patricia Hutchinson,Michelina Johnson,James Kenney,Robert King,Mark Kohlbacher,Susan Mangine,Diane Marlatt,Joel Marsh,Norma Martenson,Sharon McCreary,Rhonda Merenick,Andrew Monfort,Sheila Myers,Lawrence Myslinski,Andrew O'Brien,Frederick Paine,Wanda Pearson,Donna Person,Heidi Price,Molly Purdy,Rosaria Rapp,Diane Rickard,Robert Rizzuto,Sherry Rogers,Catherine Sadlowe,Patricia Searle,George See,Lynn Silk,Louanna Sonafrank,Sharon Sprague,Linda Sweetheimer,Kim Torrey,Stephanie Trusso,Sherry Vesotski,Karen Watson,Josephine Wood,Linda Wood,Kathie Zemnick  15 YEAR:  Julie Acklin,Edward Brooks,Christina Brumagin,Karen Galuppo,Marsha Hosier,Nadean Huck,Sharon Kane,DaleAnn Long,Loretta Lucas,Josie Monfort,Deborah Nelson,Janice Odrzywolski,Anthony Pollino,Jill Raymond,Kim Vaccaro,Sheri Winne 10 YEAR:  Karen Collins,Linda Covey,Dain Erickson,Janice Hinterberger,Jody Horn,Kathleen Johnson,Tammy Johnson,Lisa LeBaron,Lisa Messina,Douglas Miller,Julie Morton,Teresa Rogers,Wendy Schmidt,Marjorie Siliano,Teresa Sullivan,Virginia Teed,Marijana Waite,Korinda Wells,Michelle Williams,Jo Lynn Wilmoth  5 YEAR:  Ann Abdella,Thore Daniel Anderson,Jessica Bailey,Martha Blackstock,Racheal Bowers,Charity Carris,Lori Carson,Margo Carter,Maria Casler,Catherine Caster,Ellen Connell,Karen Corrigan,Ann Downing,Daniel Erlandson,Mary Farrar,Tabatha Faulkner,Kimberly Fish,Dr. Marlene Garone,Daniel Gogel,Susan Hettenbaugh,Christine Hurley,Deborah Justmann,Malcolm Justmann,Jennifer Krauth,Patricia McClennan,Ellen Merchant,Paul Mole,Mindy Moore,Donna Peelman,Lorie Robbins,Rodney Sager,Vicky White.

Congratulations was extended to WCA’s twelve newest Employees of the Month: Amy Jose, Kimbra Chase-Quiter, Trish McClennan, Karen Devine, Shannan Morreale, Linda Holmes, Mac Mackenzie, Janet Bentley, Michelle Williams, Mary Alonge, Therese Tilling, and Jessica Bailey.

National Hospital Week dates back to 1921, the year a Chicago magazine editor suggested a public health care event would encourage trust in the city’s hospitals.  The idea worked well and quickly spread from coast to coast.  Today, National hospital Week is the nation’s largest health care celebration with participants in every state.  The national event is an opportunity to recognize the people who meet the daily health care needs of their communities.

“It has always been about our people,” says Betsy.  “Change is inevitable but our mission is constant.  Our hospital and board leadership, physicians, employees and volunteers want the very best for our patients and that is what they bring to the hospital every day of the year.”



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