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Rehabilitative members of the WCA Hospital Medical Rehabilitation Unit celebrate 20 years of service in inpatient acute rehabilitation. Many of the staff members have been working in the acute inpatient program since it opened in 1989.

Jamestown, New York, (Tuesday, December 1, 2009)—WCA Hospital will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its Medical Rehabilitation Program located at Jones Memorial Health Center on Friday, December 4th.  Established in 1989, the Medical Rehabilitation Unit at WCA Hospital became the region’s first acute inpatient rehab facility.  Since the program began, WCA has admitted over 7,500 patients who require acute inpatient rehabilitation services. 

The acute inpatient rehabilitation program, recognized for its outstanding patient satisfaction and positive functional outcomes, provides for the rehabilitation needs of inpatients recovering from stroke, pelvic, hip or leg fractures, total joint replacements, multiple trauma, amputation, neurological disorders and other diagnoses where intensive rehabilitation is needed.

“Our 20th anniversary serves as a reminder of the many individuals who have entrusted their care to WCA over the years,” says Daniel Johnson, P.T., WCA Hospital Director of Rehabilitation Services. 

“Our program was the first acute inpatient rehab facility in the Southern Tier. Prior to that time, patients who needed acute inpatient rehab had to travel out-of-town which made it very difficult for patients and their families.  Our successes, especially the excellent recoveries experienced by our patients, are thanks to our skilled and dedicated staff along with the determination and strength of our patients’ themselves.” 

A physician expert in rehabilitation medicine, Dr. Brooke Kelly, D.O., Physiatrist and Medical Director of the inpatient rehab program coordinates the care for the patients admitted to the WCA rehab program.  “Our program’s goal has remained unchanged since the program opened.  We treat the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We want our patients to return to complete and independent lives.  Many individuals who are discharged from our program are successfully rehabilitated and are able to lead productive, meaningful and satisfying lives.” 

Sandy Potts, Registered Nurse who has served as the unit’s Nurse Manager since the program opened adds, “Over the years, we have seen many positive patient outcomes. Our patients like it here.  Our staff likes it here.  For us, it is truly gratifying to help our patients on the road to recovery and back to the things they enjoy.”

The acute inpatient rehab program at JMHC provides many services and support to patients including:  physical, occupational and speech therapy, pet therapy, therapeutic gardening, community outings, and other daily activities that help patients overcome the physical, social and psychological aspects of recovery.  The rehabilitation program at WCA Hospital also provides outpatient services including physical, occupational and speech therapy. The treatment team at WCA includes a physician who specializes in rehabilitative medicine, registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, case managers, psychologists, registered dietitians as well as the patient’s family. 

To arrange a visit and tour of the medical rehabilitation unit, contact the WCA Hospital Public Relations Office at (716) 664-8614 or for more information on referrals into the program contact Daniel Johnson, P.T., Director of Rehab Services, at (716) 664-8296.

“We want to take this commemorative moment to thank our patients and the medical community for supporting our program and we look forward to celebrating our successes for many, many years to come,” said Johnson.

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