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Ron Hasson, W.C.A. Services Corporation Operations Manager; and Maureen Kohl, R.N. BSN, WCA Hospital Emergency Department Nurse Manager accept children's items from the fourth graders at Rogers Elementary School. The fourth grade classroom, under the direction of Fourth Grade Teacher Brooke Isaacson at Rogers Elementary School (pictured) recently launched a spare-change drive to raise money to help sick and injured children in the local area.

Jamestown, New York (Friday, June 5, 2009) –Fourth graders at Rogers Elementary School recently raised money to purchase children’s items to benefit young patients admitted to the Emergency Department at WCA Hospital, as well as Alstar Ambulance and Starflight. The fourth grade students initiated a spare-change drive to raise funds for the project.

“Kids Helping Kids”, a community service project started by students under the direction of Fourth Grade Teacher, Mrs. Brooke Isaacson, wanted to make a difference in their community by helping others.

“The students were learning and reading about our community and the people who work to keep us safe,” said Mrs. Isaacson.  “After discussing the many ways they could make a difference in their community, the classroom decided to help other children around the area and the ‘Kids Helping Kids’ community service project was born.  The classroom decided to help children who were sick and/or affected by accidents because they concluded that could be a very lonely, frightening, and isolating time for children.”

“We wanted to do this because they risk their lives to save and help us,” said fourth-grader, Emily Rich.  “We realized that kids could help,” added, Madison Card, student at Rogers.

The students launched a spare-change drive with a goal of raising $100, asking students, faculty, and staff at Rogers Elementary School to donate any change they could spare to help purchase children’s items for donation.  Students placed labeled containers they brought from home around the school to collect the change.  One student’s parents collected money at their workplace and one second-grader’s family donated 48 brand new stuffed animals.

They not only met their goal, but exceeded it by raising $250!  From the donated funds, the students purchased 25 coloring books, 30 boxes of crayons, 32 English children’s books, 35 Spanish children’s books, and dozens of stuffed animals.

Fourth-grader, Alicia D’Angelo, proudly stated, “I was so proud of our class and excited to see all the gifts.” Brenin Dirling, added, “This makes me so happy!”

“It is important not just to get, but to give,” said Rogers School Student, Mackenzie Abbey.  “This is how we earn respect.”

In 2008, the WCA Hospital Emergency Care team provided quality and compassionate care through more than 36,500 patient visits.  If you would like to support the WCA Hospital Emergency Department with a tax-deductible contribution, please contact the WCA Office of Development at (716) 664-8423 or

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