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Front, Sheila Myers, R.N., highly-skilled ICU nurse for over 20 years at WCA Hospital, comforts her patient while Barbara Counts, RRT, AE-C, BSB/M, WCA Hospital Respiratory Therapist, monitors the patient on the newly installed, state-of-the-art ventilators in the Intensive Care Unit at WCA.

WCA Hospital
Barbara Counts, RRT, AE-C, BSB/M, WCA Respiratory Therapist, examines the computer data graphics on the new intelligent, state-of-the-art ventilator in ICU. The new ventilators make it possible for staff and physicians to get the data they need quickly to make informed clinical decisions more efficiently.

Jamestown, New York (Friday, July 31, 2009)—WCA Hospital, regional health leader, continues to lead the way in technological advancements with the latest investment of nine new, MAQUET-Servo-i ventilators to assist in the care of acutely ill patients admitted to the WCA Hospital.  Designated the “gold standard” in ventilators, the MAQUET-Servo-i ventilators are the best and highest quality available in the world.

Inpatients at WCA Hospital requiring ventilator assistance have access to state-of-the-art, life-saving technology that monitors the breath-by-breath changes in a patient’s condition and provides physicians with life-saving information in real time.                

Rockland Milne, FACHE, RRT, RPSGT, Director of Respiratory at WCA Hospital, states the ventilators provide superior patient care.  “Ventilators save lives,” said Rockland.  “This new generation of life-saving equipment, used for adult and pediatric patients, is both user-friendly and the most efficient ventilator intervention available on the market.  The technology is fully supported with a specialized computer interface to monitor each breath and can be up graded as the technology changes and advances.  Patients and families can really take comfort in knowing that these ventilators are the best and highest quality available in the world.”

Described as the “gold standard” in ventilator care, the intelligent, intuitive technology improves the overall comfort level and outcome for patients. 

The technology allows clinicians at WCA Hospital to fine-tune the breaths to patients and see graphically how that breath appears.  By visualizing the breath, staff can make very subtle, sophisticated adjustments accordingly that will alter the breath on the inspiratory and expiratory phrases. The ventilators make it possible for staff and physicians to get the data they need quickly to make informed clinical decisions more efficiently.  “If we can adjust an individual breath and make it more comfortable for the patient and clinically more therapeutic, we can decrease the work of breathing and the patient’s muscles are allowed to get stronger,” said Milne.                      

Another advantage of the new technology is that decreases the time patients need ventilator assistance.  “There is a window of opportunity to take a patient off the ventilator,” explains Frank Arnal, MD, FCCP, board certified in Internal Medicine with sub-specialties in pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine, and sleep medicine, and Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit at WCA. “The new ventilators allow us to take advantage of that opportunity. The reduction in ventilator time enhances the care of our patients, saves lives and positively affects patient outcomes.”                 

“ICU is a high level care unit needing a great deal of specialized equipment and highly skilled staff in order to function effectively,” adds Ruth Walton, R.N., BSN, WCA Hospital Intensive Care Manager.  “The new fleet of ventilators keeps us on the forefront of saving lives with the most up-to-the-minute technological advancements available for the care of our patients in ICU and throughout the hospital.”                         

“This is another important step forward in the continuity of care for our patients,” says Rockland.  “With the new ventilators along with our highly-skilled and specialized clinical staff, we continue to deliver the finest healthcare possible to our patients who need us the most.”

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