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Russian Visitors Receive Warm Welcome at UPMC Chautauqua WCA


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The seven-member group of English educators and insurance entrepreneur from Russia tour the Emergency Department of UPMC Chautauqua WCA during a two-week stay in Chautauqua County to learn about health care in the United States.

Press Release Photo
The seven-member group was treated to a special luncheon given in their honor.

JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK (Sunday, March 19, 2017)—UPMC Chautauqua WCA welcomed international Russian visitors on March 16, as hospital officials toured the seven guests through the women’s and infant services and the newly constructed emergency department.  Hospital managers discussed the services offered at the hospital and demonstrated how technology works in the care of the patient. 

The seven-member group was comprised of English educators and an insurance entrepreneur.  Russian citizens, Anastasiia, Natalya, Elena Guliaeva, Elena Roslyakova, Svetlana, Yuliya, and Alyona, explored the hospital’s mammography, maternity care, nursery, women’s services, and emergency department.  Hospital managers discussed the role of each department and demonstrated the different types of technology that aid in the diagnosis and care of the patient.  The group shared their own experiences on how Russian citizens access and pay for health care in their native country.

The visitors were treated to a special luncheon given in their honor.  “We look forward to meeting our international guests every year,” said Linda Johnson, director, public relations and marketing at UPMC Chautauqua WCA, who stated that the hospital has welcomed numerous visitors from Russia over the past years.  “We were eager to offer our friendship, goodwill, and a better understanding of how health care is provided in the United States.  As we discussed our cultures and ways, it was fun to discover that we have far more similarities than differences.”  The women presented the hospital tour guides with fine chocolates and handcrafted Matryoshka dolls as a token of their appreciation.

The women’s itinerary has already taken them to New York City.  They plan to visit several area businesses and scenic places in Chautauqua County during their two-week stay.



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