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Cummins Employees Promote Breast Cancer
Awareness & Support WCA Hospital

WCA Hospital
Angie Peck, on behalf of the Women’s Affinity Council (WAC) from the Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant (JEP), presents Lynn Wigren, WCA Hospital Patient Care Specialist, with a check in the amount of $3,000 to be used toward the purchase of a premier full field digital mammography system in the WCA Center for Imaging & Medical Arts. (L-R): Nancy Rinehart (JEP WAC), Kathy Buerkle (JEP WAC), Angie Peck, Holly Gatto (Breast MRI Manager), Kendra Fitzpatrick and Amy Windoft (MRI Technicians), Lynn Wigren, and Lyndon Gritters, M.D.

Jamestown, New York (Monday, November 22, 2010) –On Wednesday, October 20th, The Jamestown Engine Plant Women’s Affinity Group hosted a one-day breast cancer awareness event. Along with some fun and games, the event consisted of selling stationary gift packs, filter banks, and pink bracelets to help raise money to support breast cancer care at WCA Hospital. As a result the Cummins’ Women's Affinity Council recently presented a $3,000 donation to WCA Hospital which will be used toward the purchase of digital mammography.

“This is the second year we have promoted breast cancer awareness and enthusiastically supported our community hospital in this way,” said Angie Peck, Cummins’ Community Involvement Leader and Women's Affinity Council member. “I am so proud of our employees who have again proven their compassion and generosity.”

During a tour of the WCA Center for Imaging & Medical Arts, the WCA staff introduced the Cummins’ employees to the new Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), a test used to diagnose breast diseases and conditions and, in certain situations, screen for breast cancer.

“Breast MRI is not for every woman, but as an adjunct tool, it can be very useful,” explained Lyndon Gritters, MD, board-certified radiologist and Chair of the Department of Radiology at WCA. “If a woman has dense breasts, for example, MRI can help a surgeon better visualize where a tumor ends and normal tissue begins, as well as help uncover multiple cancers.”

Breast MRI is most effective when used in addition to a mammogram or another breast-imaging test, not as a replacement for a mammogram. Although it's a very sensitive test, breast MRI can still miss some breast cancers that a mammogram will detect.

“Breast MRI is an example of our commitment to bringing the latest technology to WCA,” says Dr. Gritters. “For certain women, it can play a significant role in their cancer journey, and ultimately, help them secure a good outcome.”   

Finding breast cancer early can mean more treatment options and longer lives for the many women facing the challenge of breast cancer.  To schedule a breast MRI exam, call (716) 664-8MRI (8674).  For more information on additional services offered in the WCA Center for Imaging & Medical Arts, visit

If you would like to make a gift to WCA Hospital to support the purchase of digital mammography, please contact Karl Sisson at (716) 664-8423 or

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