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WCA Foundation Announces Donation Days

Jamestown, New York (Wednesday, December 8, 2010)—The W.C.A. Foundation has announced Donation Days, the annual letter campaign to ask our community to support WCA Hospital through gifts to the W.C.A. Foundation.

“At this time of the year, we are all grateful for so many things: our families, our friends, a warm house, enough food to eat and our health,” says Mary J. Taylor, Chair of the 2010 Donation Days appeal. “We are also thankful for and fortunate to have WCA Hospital here in Jamestown to provide our community with quality health care.”

Donation Days enables you to make an undesignated gift or designate your gift for a specific purpose, if you choose. For example, if you, or someone you know, has been served by Starflight or a service provided by WCA Hospital such as dialysis, cancer treatment, or the emergency department, you have the opportunity to designate your donation for any one (such as the Betty Sheldon Starflight Fund or LaVerne M. Meyers Memorial Fund) or more of those specific funds.

The wonderful part of the W.C.A. Foundation is that you can decide if you want your donation to be utilized to meet a current need or to grow endowment. If you decide to support endowment, your gift would be invested and remain in perpetuity for the future of WCA Hospital. The assets of the W.C.A. Foundation remain forever, while the interest and growth earned are granted to WCA Hospital.

In addition to undesignated endowed funds (Verland and Doris Danielson Fund, Hoag Family Fund, Elizabeth Garratt Taylor Fund, and Clifford S. Davis Fund), there are also specific endowed funds which support specific initiatives, such as scholarships (Mary Lou Messina Nursing Scholarship Fund, Murray S. Marsh Scholarship Fund, Vivian Wettingfeld Nursing Education Fund, Karen Ross Crossley Scholarship Fund, and Dr. Harold and Joyce Childress Fund), cancer treatment (Carol B. Bogdan Cancer Treatment Fund and Judy Pollino Memorial Cancer Treatment Fund), dialysis (Donald and Marilyn Haglund Family Fund), obstetrics and maternity (Dale and Rebecca Robbins Fund), pediatrics (Allen and Barbara Yahn Family Fund), autoimmune diseases (Eaglesome Family Fund), and more.

Over the last five years, while maintaining over $10,000,000 in assets, the W.C.A. Foundation has granted over $2,500,000 to WCA Hospital and Starflight. This has been possible because of the generosity of donors, as well as the prudent investment and management of Foundation assets.

The W.C.A. Foundation’s continued success in assisting the WCA Hospital today and into the future is a joint effort between the community and the foundation. To make your tax-deductible donation today, or to learn how to start your own named fund, please call 664-5461 or write to PO Box 214, Jamestown, NY 14702.

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