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Got Pink? Supports WCA’s Fight Against Breast Cancer

WCA Hospital
Lynn Wigren and Dianne Courtney-Freeman, representing the WCA Center for Imaging & Medical Arts, accept a $4,000 check from Mike Giunta, Owner of Salon 1, along with other Got Pink? event sponsors Sherrie Brookmire and Jamie Trusler from 106.9 Kiss FM, Marty Herrick from Salon 1, and Kurt Johnson Owner of Shawbucks.

Jamestown, New York (Monday, April 26, 2010) - Thanks to the outstanding efforts and generosity of local individuals and businesses, the community of Jamestown is coming together to combat those statistics. Salon 1, Shawbucks, 106.9 Kiss FM, and the Jamestown Cycle Shop organized and sponsored the inaugural Got Pink? event which took place on March 21 and raised $4,000 toward the purchase of digital mammography equipment for the WCA Center for Imaging & Medical Arts.

Breast cancer is common. In fact, the chance of a woman having breast cancer at some time during her life is about 1 in 8. Over two million women who live in the U.S. have been treated for breast cancer. The good news is breast cancer death rates are declining and the reasons are early detection and improved breast cancer treatment options.

The new digital mammography will provide high-resolution digital breast images immediately and allow the staff technologist to take detailed images without delay. These digital images are easier to access, store, transmit, and retrieve, and can be acquired at a lower radiation dose without compromising quality. Studies have shown that digital mammography is more accurate than film mammography in detecting cancer in women under the age of fifty, women with dense breast tissue, and women who are either pre-menopausal or perimenopausal. The professionals in the WCA Center for Imaging & Medical Arts recognize that early detection means faster intervention, more treatment options, and improved survival rates.

“This vital digital mammography equipment will save time and ultimately save lives,” explains Karl Sisson, WCA Director of Development. “I am so grateful to these local businesses, particularly Mike Giunta and Marty Herrick from Salon 1, for a producing a great event and for standing beside WCA Hospital in our fight against breast cancer.”

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible gift to support WCA’s campaign for digital mammography, please mail a check to: WCA Office of Development, 207 Foote Avenue, P.O. Box 840, Jamestown, NY 14702-0840, call (716) 664-8423, or visit

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