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WCA Adds Sophisticated Open Bore MRI Technology

WCA Hospital
Holly Gatto, RT, Insight MRI Manager at WCA Hospital, performs an examination on the sophisticated Open-Bore Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) imaging technology at the Center For Imaging & Medical Arts at WCA Hospital. The MRI technology utilizes a magnetic field and radio waves to produce a highly accurate view of the inside of any portion of the body. Aided by a computer, MRI is able to produce an image of bone and soft tissue from many different body angles or planes. This enables WCA physicians to quickly and precisely diagnose a wide variety of conditions.

Jamestown, New York (Thursday, October 13, 2011)—WCA Hospital is pleased to announce that the latest in MRI technology is now available at the Center For Imaging & Medical Arts at WCA.  The addition of the Siemens Open-Bore MAGNETOM Espree 1.5 Tesla at WCA accommodates patients up to 550 pounds and is designed for individuals who experience claustrophobia, anxiety, and excessive pain or limited mobility.  The open-bore MRI also features a 1.5 Tesla magnet which delivers the sharpest images to assist physicians in diagnosis and treatment planning.

WCA Hospital offers the “additional” MRI scanner on Saturdays and Mondays.  To schedule an appointment, contact WCA Hospital MRI at (716) 664-8MRI. 

“The new technology enhances our capabilities to deliver the best in patient care,” said Betsy T. Wright, FACHE, WCA Hospital President/CEO.  “We continually find new ways to serve the needs of our community with advanced medicine and technology.  Our new open-bore MRI complements our extensive range of superior diagnostic services at the Center For Imaging and reaffirms our pledge to bring the latest technology alongside highly skilled and exceptional physicians who utilize the most effective forms of treatment.”

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exams have become one of the fastest growing types of medical diagnostic tests in the United States, due, in large part, to its ability to provide non-invasive diagnostic images of soft tissues, bone, fat and muscles and to help in the detection and diagnosis of a variety of health conditions.

The new open-bore design of the MAGNETOM Espree 1.5 Telsa MRI at WCA, uses the strongest magnet field strength of any other MRI technology, giving physicians access to many imaging opportunities, including neurological and functional neurology evaluation, orthopedic and vascular imaging.  The System’s large 70-cm opening is wide enough to accommodate a diverse array of patients including individuals such as children, larger patients up to 550 pounds, the elderly, and those who experience claustrophobia and anxiety. The new system allows for the patient’s feet to go in first and the patient’s head can remain outside of the system.  This means that the patient’s head can remain outside of the bore during most procedures not involving head, neck or upper spine.  This helps eliminate any anxiety or claustrophobic effects.

“The open-bore MRI boasts the strongest open magnet field strength used clinically today, capturing exceptional image quality in faster scan times with reduced repositioning, and higher image resolution with increased clarity and detail,” says Dallen Ashby, MD, board-certified radiologist at WCA Hospital.  “With its larger bore size and stronger magnet, the technology is well suited to meet the needs of all MRI patients, but particularly those with special needs such as claustrophobia and anxiety, allowing our patients one of the most comfortable MRI imaging experiences.”

Additional imaging services offered at WCA Hospital include, ultrasound services, MRI imaging, breast MRI imaging, interventional radiology, PET/CT imaging, bone densitometry (DEXA) screening, mammography screening (same day results), stereotatic and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy, patient navigator support, and CAT Scan imaging. To learn more about WCA Hospital imaging, visit their website at

To schedule an appointment an Open Bore MRI exam, call (716) 664-8MRI.  The MRI Suite is located at the Center For Imaging & Medical Arts at WCA, 207 Foote Avenue.  Use yellow parking lot behind the hospital.  A physician’s order is required.

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