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Crèche Maintains Commitment to Pediatric Patients Served by WCA Hospital

(L to R): Representing Crèche, Patricia Phillips, Robin Michos, and Dawn Columbare (back right), pose along with WCA Hospital employees Dr. Frederick Verdonik (Psychology), Patricia McClennan (Assistant Manager, Inpatient Mental Health), Barbara Jackson, RN (Senior Staff Nurse, Pediatrics), and Brianna Miller (Speech Pathologist, Speech & Hearing) to show off some of the items recently purchased through a gift from Crèche to benefit young patients served by WCA.

Jamestown, NY (Thursday, February 16, 2012)—For more than a century, Crèche has raised money to provide for needy children in Chautauqua County. Each year, the Crèche Hospital Committee helps fulfill wishes from child-related departments at WCA Hospital. Crèche recently made a $2,153 donation to WCA Hospital which enabled the non-profit organization to make specific purchases from their “Wish List” that will benefit children and their families served by WCA.

Several different departments at WCA Hospital which directly serve children benefited from this gift, including Adolescent Mental Health (games, marker, crayons and construction paper), Emergency Department (temporal artery thermometer), Pediatrics (transilluminator and pediatric stethoscopes), Psychology (educational DVD’s and books), Recreational Therapy (printer, plaster and laminating film), and Speech & Hearing (child assessment activity items).

“Crèche is once again thrilled to donate items which will directly benefit pediatric patients,” said Dawn Columbare, Crèche Hospital Committee Chair. “It is very rewarding to know that we are able to help support WCA Hospital and at the same time stay true to our mission of helping children in our community.”

“The purchase of the transilluminator is just one example of Crèche’s outstanding dedication to our pediatric patients,” said Mary Sue Pawlak, RN, Pediatrics Nurse Manager. “This amazing instrument helps us to better locate tiny veins and more comfortably insert an IV in the tiniest of arms. This minimizes a child’s fear and improves the overall patient and family experience.”

To learn more about opportunities to volunteer for Crèche, please contact The Creche, Inc, PO Box 0601, Jamestown, NY 14702-0601.

To make a tax-deductible gift to support the care and treatment of children at WCA Hospital, please contact Karl Sisson, WCA Director of Development, at (716) 664-8423, or mail your gift to: WCA Office of Development, PO Box 840, Jamestown, NY 14702-0840.

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