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Ronald Lorenc & Donald Holm Recognized as Top Honorees at WCA Recognition Banquet

WCA Hospital
Congratulating top honorees are (from left) Ann Downing, R.N., WCA Hospital Vice President of Nursing Service; Donald Holm, R.N., Surgery Department, 40-year honoree; Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital President/CEO; Jana Anderson-O’Camb, Senior Director of Human Resources: Ronald Lorenc, Environmental Services Attendant, 45-year honoree; Christine Reynolds, Director of Hospitality Services.

WCA Hospital
WCA Hospital Honorees gather for the 54th Annual WCA Hospital Employee Recognition Dinner which will be held at the Lakewood Road & Gun Club, Inc., on Monday, June 3, 2013. One hundred and twenty-seven employees will be honored for their dedicated years of service at WCA Hospital.


Jamestown, New York (Tuesday, May 21, 2013)—Ronald Lorenc, Environmental Services Attendant, 45-year honoree; and Donald Holm, R.N., 40-year honoree; will celebrate top honors during the “54th WCA Hospital Employee Recognition Dinner” which will be held at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club on Monday, June 3rd, at 5:45 p.m.  Ronald and Donald will be honored as the longest-serving honorees at this year’s celebration.

The WCA Hospital Board of Directors will honor 127 employees at the ceremonial dinner held each year to honor employees who have achieved noteworthy length of service marks at WCA.  In addition to being recognized at the event, employees receive commemorative gifts to signify their achievement.

“Our honorees are an inspiration to others and truly exemplify our mission at WCA,” said Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital President/CEO.  “The patients and families we serve can take comfort in knowing that our healthcare team is backed by years of dedicated and unwavering service to our hospital.  This annual commemorative celebration serves as a reminder that hospitals are the foundations of communities and serve people in every community, from all walks of life.”

Ronald Lorenc joined the WCA Family in December of 1967 in the position of Porter.  His current position at WCA Hospital is Environmental Services Attendant.  Donald Holm began his career at WCA Hospital in Inhalation Therapy in October, 1971.  In 1974, he accepted the position of Orderly at the hospital.  A graduate from Jamestown Community College in 1984, Donald received an Associate Degree in Applied Science and promoted to the position of General Nurse.  He currently works in the surgery department as a registered nurse.

Jana Anderson-O’Camb, Senior Director of Human Resources at the hospital noted, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these outstanding employees for their excellence and exceptional service to our patients.  Our banquet is an opportunity for us to say ‘thank you’ to each one of these remarkable individuals for committing their life-long careers to the betterment of our communities.”

One hundred and twenty-seven employees will be honored for 3,880,500 combined hours of service.  Employees will be honored who have reached 5, 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, and 45-year anniversaries with the hospital.

Employees honored at this year’s banquet, 45 Years:  Ronald Lorenc, Environmental Services Attendant. 40 Years:  Donald Holm, R.N., Surgery.  35 Years: Loretta Bush, Cytotechnologist; Kathleen Hedrich, R.N. 3D; Judith Hettenbaugh, Unit Clerk, Ambulatory Surgery Center; Dawn Latone, Scheduler/Registrar; Rhonda Main, Physical Therapy Secretary; Patrick McKinney, Senior R.N. 5D; Vincent Messina, Senior Radiologic Technologist-CT/Special Procedures; Laurel Paine, Medical Laboratory Technician; Nancy Renswick, R.N. Endoscopy; Jon Sundholm, Laboratory Services Director.  30 Years: Mary Alonge, Program Assistant, Inpatient Mental Health; Marybeth Coon, Senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist;  Lisa Eckstrom, R.N. 4D; Rhonda Lamancuso, R.N. Wound Care Center; Kathleen Olson, Medical Technologist; Linda Sampson, Nursing Administrative Secretary; Jeanette Turner, Senior R.N. Inpatient Mental Health; Dan Tyler, Administrative Nurse.  25 Years: Deborah Anderson, Radiologic Technologist-Mammography; Lisa Bastian, L.P.N. 5D; Karen Beck, Senior R.N. 4D; Deborah Caruso, Directory of Pharmacy; Barbara Colacci, Reimbursement Assistant; Eloise Crist, Radiologic Technologist; Laurie Crowell, R.N. 5D; Joan Hinderer, R.N. 4D; Linda Hirliman Administrative Assistant; Victor Karas Jr., Environmental Services Attendant; Lisa Miller, Senior Chart Analyst; Colleen Nelson-Cannon, R.N. Endoscopy; Debra Nickerson, Nurse Aide 3B; Grace Rowe, R.N. 3D; Leeanne Sadowski, R.N. 3D; Ruth Slagle, H.I.M. Specialist; Johanna Walker, R.N. Case Manager. 20 Years: Kerrin Bloomquist, Social Work Case Manager; Carole Bollman, Unit Clerk 5D; David Bull, R.N. Endoscopy; Mary Carpenter, Revenue Cycle Specialist;  Karen Johnson, Senior R.N. Radiology Diagnostic; Joyce Lapham, Administrative Secretary; Joan Lohnes, Switchboard Operator; Eric Olson, R.N. Surgery; Grace Walburg, Environmental Services Attendant; Janelle Weilacher, R.N. 3D.  15 Years: Owen Carr R.N. Emergency Department; Jessica Certo, R.N. Ambulatory  Surgery Center; Christine Chase, Purchasing Assistant; Jennifer Depasquale, R.N. Emergency Department; Mark Jens, R.N. Emergency Department; Stephanie  Gross R.N. PACU; Virginia Hayes, Computer Operator/Help Desk Specialist; Josephine Hough, R.N. 4C;  Katherine Hoxie, Senior Cardiac Technologist;  Peter Mangini, Respiratory Therapist; Gwendolyn Nelson, R.N. PACU; Justine Russell, Patient Registrar; Terri Stalmach, Supervising Recreation Therapist; Nicole Wilson, Operating Room Technician.  10 Years: Cheryl Beebe, Patient Access Coordinator; Tamara Bellardo, Nurse Aide, 4D; Janet Blume, R.N. Cardiac Lab; Thomas Brunner, Clinical Specialist I; Katherine Classon, H.I.M. Clerk; Mary Franklin, Library Assistant; Tami Gustafson, Nurse Aide, 3B; Sandra Hawkins, Administrative Nurse; Barbara Jackson, Senior R.N. 4D;  Cynthia Jamieson, R.N. Ambulatory Surgery Center; Janet Johnson, Radiologic Technologist; Susan Lewellen, Purchasing Buyer; Donald Lunz, Radiologic Technologist-CT/SP/MRI; Evelyn Lyons, R.N. 3B; Joyce Manno, Coder; Brian McClellan, Assistant Biomedical Technician; Debra Micek, Operating Room Technician; Erin Neid, Central Service Technician; Darla Phelps, R.N. Float Pool; Timothy Prince, Maintenance  Mechanic; Linda Schwerk, Nurse Aide, 3D; Christina Slojkowski, Educational Director-Radiology;  Sally Sposato, General Accounting Assistant; Prisicilla Vantassel, Program Assistant ,Inpatient Mental Health; Ellen Weber, Financial Counselor; Kathleen Yanus, Respiratory Therapist.  5 Years:  Brenda Abplanalp, Senior R.N. Inpatient Mental Health; Erica Alekson, R.N. 4D; Ann Anderson, Nurse Aide, Float Pool; Kimberly Arzner, R.N. 3B; Wanda Becker, Sleep Center Registrar; Robyn Benthem, Financial Counselor; Loretta Blood, L.P.N. 5D; Randi Brumbaugh, Preregistrar; Amy Jo Caldwell, R.N. 3D; Neil Daniels, Emergency Department  Counselor; Ross Fargo, Facility Manager; Tammy Finch, Social Work Case Manager; Rodger Franklin, Environmental Services Attendant; Lisa Gibbs, Phlebotomist; Dana Grann, Patient Account Specialist; Brenda Johnson, Occupational Health Collection Technician; Alexandria Keith, Preregistrar;  Jodell Laumer, Counselor III  Inpatient Mental Health; Linda Leighton, R.N. 3B; Lisa Linamen, R.N. Surgery; Heidi Maloney, Phlebotomist; Laura Nilson, Unit Clerk 5D; Carol Parker, R.N. Emergency Department; Sarah Peterson, R.N. 4D; Dawn Pickett, R.N. 2B; Ronald Privitera, Jr. Environmental Services Attendant;  Nicole Rivera, Phlebotomist; Michael Roos, Operating Room Attendant; Linda Scalise, Counselor II; Lavern Shaw, Orderly; Linda Sherwood, L.P.N. Emergency Department; Jessica Shimmel, R.N. 3B; Elizabeth Short, R.N. Emergency Department;  Victoria Tuccio, Scheduler/Registrar; Martinette Waid, Emergency Department Greeter; Christina Willink R.N. Emergency Department; Jennifer Zabala, Clinical Informatics Analyst.

The highlight of the evening’s celebration will be a video tribute to top honorees.

For career opportunities at WCA Hospital, visit the hospital’s website at and complete easy on-line application.

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