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WCA Honors 159 Employees For Long-Term Service

WCA Hospital
Pictured: WCA Hospital Honorees gather for the 55th Annual WCA Hospital Employee Recognition Dinner held at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club, Inc. on Monday, June 16, 2014. One hundred and fifty-nine employees were honored for their dedicated years of service at WCA Hospital.

WCA Hospital
Pictured: Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital President/CEO; and Jana Anderson-O’Camb, WCA Hospital Senior Human Resources Director; congratulate top honorees of the evening for 40 Years of service from left, Betsy Wright; Marcia L. Sleigh, Cardiology Technician; Jana Anderson-O’Camb; John L. Carlson, Director of Facility Services. Standing in back, Nancy A. Hunt, Respiratory Therapist; Mary Sue Pawlak, R.N., WCA Hospital Nurse Manager. Absent from photograph, Barbara J. Knobloch, Accounts Payable Specialist.

Jamestown, New York, (Thursday, June 17, 2014)—One hundred and fifty nine employees were honored for their years of service at the 55th WCA Hospital Annual Employee Recognition Dinner held on Monday, June 16th at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club, Inc.  Receiving top honors for 40 years of service were:  John L. Carlson, Director of Facility Services; Nancy A. Hunt, Respiratory Therapist; Barbara J. Knobloch, Accounts Payable Specialist; Mary Sue Pawlak, R.N., Nurse Manager, and Marcia L. Sleigh, Cardiology Technician.

“I am very proud to stand before you and recognize you for your years of service to WCA and the patients and communities we serve,” said Betsy T. Wright, FACHE, WCA Hospital President/CEO.  “Tonight is all about commitment, dedication, celebration and history.  We are here to celebrate each and every one of you.  We are very fortunate that you chose to work at WCA and make us a part of your lives.  All employees have choices and healthcare professionals, in particular, can choose to work in a variety of healthcare settings in just about any geographical area.  WCA Hospital is a special place with a special mission.  Our doors are always open to all.  The quality of care we provide happens because of your commitment and dedication.  You truly are irreplaceable members of the hospital family.  You represent caring and compassion.   On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Medical Staff, the employees and most importantly, our patients, thank you for your dedication and support.”

“On behalf of the WCA Hospital Board of Directors, I extend our congratulations on reaching a milestone in your employment,” added Steve Kilburn, chair, WCA Hospital Board of Directors.  “Please accept our sincere thanks for your good work.  As a past WCA employee, I realize healthcare can be demanding.  Your professional, faithful and caring work is to be commended and celebrated.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.”

The invocation was given by Rev. Donald Ray, retired WCA Hospital Chaplain.  Hospital board members introduced distinguished honorees.  Brenda Ireland, Past-Chair, WCA Hospital Board of Directors, paid tribute to the twelve newest Employees of the Month. Special personal video messages from the 25, 30, 35, and 40 year honorees concluded the evening ceremony.

The following hospital employees were recognized for years of service: 40 YEARS: John L. Carlson,  Nancy A. Hunt,  Barbara J. Knobloch,  Mary Sue Pawlak, Marcia L. Sleigh.  35 YEARS:  Sharon A. Arcadipane, Donna C. Barber,  Deborah D. Chase, John D. Conklin, Michele R. Deuble, Patricia R. Durnell, Terry L. Flood, Deborah L. Gorman, Tammy R. Hartzell,  Rachelle A. Hildom,  Daniel A. Johnson,  Peggy A. Maloy,  Sharon K. Olmstead,  Deborah J. Parker,  Robert M. Piede,  Debra S. Swanson. 30 YEARS:  Susan J. Allshouse, Karen J. Beals,  Amy E. Calarco,  Zoraida Colon,  Barbara D. Counts, Nancy E. Crites, Roberta L. Edwards, Deanna K. Fuller, Bruce R. Gillen, Diane M. Hartson, Nancy M. Johnston, Mary A. Larson, Rockland A. Milne,  Sharon L. Penhollow-Anderson,  Susan J. Price,  Deborah A. Swanson, Kay E. Telschow,  Susan D. Waggoner,  Jennie Marie Young.  25 YEARS: Debra K. Akin, Kathy M. Andrews, Lillian E. Babcock, Kathleen P. Barmore, Alan M. Brown, Julie A. Bunker, Judith K. Butler, Suzanne M. Campbell, Bonnie L. Carpenter, Lisa K. Christ, George E. Cianco Jr., Tad E. Cronin, Linda S. Erickson, Deborah S. Ernst, Mary Susan Giambrone, Gail L. Gibson, Ann Gustafson, James M. Kenney, Robert N. King, Mark R. Kohlbacher,  Joel A. Marsh, Norma L. Martenson, Andrew P. Monfort, Sheila L. Myers, Andrew J. O'Brien, Frederick D. Paine,  Donna M. Person, Molly J. Purdy,  Rosaria T. Rapp, Diane G. Rickard, Sherry L. Rogers, Lynn C. Silk, Sharon H. Sprague, Linda A. Sweetheimer, Kim L. Torrey, Stephanie L. Trusso, Karen M. Watson.  20 YEARS: Julie M. Acklin, Christina K. Brumagin, Karen D. Galuppo, Nadean E. Huck, Sharon K. Kane,  Loretta M. Lucas, Josie G. Monfort, Lucy A. Nuse, Janice L. Odrzywolski, Anthony J. Pollino, Jill E. Raymond, Sheri M. Winne. 
15 YEARS: Dain S. Erickson, Tammy Lynna Johnson, Lisa M. Lebaron, Jody L. Lewis, Julie D. Morton, Teresa M. Rogers, Wendy S. Schmidt, Teresa L. Sullivan, Korinda Lou Wells, Jo L. Wilmoth.  10 YEARS: Thore Daniel Anderson, Martha Blackstock, Jessica L. Burroughs, Margo D. Carter, Maria A. Casler ,Catherine M. Caster, Ann Downing, Mary A. Farrar, Tabatha B. Faulkner, Dr. Marlene Garone, Christine A. Hurley, Jennifer L. Krauth, Patricia A. McClennan, Ellen M. Merchant, Paul S. Mole, Lorie Robbins, Rodney L. Sager.  5 YEARS: Debbie A. Amberg, Tricia Lynn Bailey, Jennifer L. Brown, Renee M. Cobb, Marcia E. Derby, Joseph D. Divell, Daniel R. Eklum, John R. Ferry,  Laurie A. Fischer, Elizabeth S. Haller, Rosalia E. Hamilton, Barbara D. Henry, Tamara L. Houston, Mitzi W. Kendrick, Rita A. Kesby, Rebecca L. Kubera, Katie M. Lang, Seri L. Loberg, Susan M. Marchincin, Ashley S. Marsh, Jess P. Nordland, Mary Panebianco, Lindsay M. Pappalardo, Cathy E. Peterson, Renee A. Prechtl,  Kathlyn A. Ramey, Christina M. Reynolds, Daniel M. Reynolds, Stephanie M. Saporito, Joseph A. Scalise, Rhonda L. Simmons, Karl J. Sisson, Karlee A. Smith, Karen A. Soderberg,  Leanne M. Strong, Judith M. Thomas, Donna K. Thor, Celeste E. Tidrick, Deborah A. Walters, Cheryl M. Weller, Troy P. West, Brian M. Wilshire,

Congratulations were extended to WCA Hospital’s twelve newest HCAHPS/Employees of the Month: Jessica Currie, Clinical Informatics Analyst; Karen Galuppo, R.N., 3D; Karl Sisson, WCA Director of Development; Raleigh White, R.N., Surgery; Brian Stump, Network Hardware Analyst I; Angelo Perez, Environmental Services Attendant; Jessica Cappa, R.N., Emergency Care; Rosalia Hamilton, Environmental Services Attendant; Kelli Calvin, Counselor III; Jennifer Wendel, Sleep Center Coordinator; Dianne Courtney-Freeman, Senior Radiologic Technologist/Mammography; Janet Blume, Cardiac Cath Lab R.N.; Lisa Davis, Senior Cardiac Cath R.N.; Julie Acklin, R.N., Administrative Nurse.

The mission of WCA Hospital is to improve the health and well being of the people of Chautauqua County and the surrounding area.  WCA Hospital, a 317-licensed bed hospital, is located in Jamestown, New York, chartered in 1885, is Southwestern New York’s largest not-for-profit healthcare provider, offering an extensive range of inpatient and outpatient acute and rehabilitation services.  WCA Hospital has been recognized at the state and national level for high quality care outcomes.  The hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission, The American Association of Blood Banks, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and American College of Radiology and is approved by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.  For more information, visit WCA’s website at, or call (716) 487-0141.

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