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One Woman’s Passion . . . An Enduring Legacy

WCA Hospital

Mary Blair, a woman passionate about enhancing local healthcare at WCA Hospital. “This has been my hometown since I was five years old. I dearly love the area, especially our Hospital,” explains Mary. When talking about including WCA Hospital in her will, she says with a smile, “It was easy. It’s all the regulations about hospitals today that can be confusing.”

“It’s very, very important that we have a hospital in our wonderful hometown. We’re better than a hometown hospital, WCA’s service go way beyond that,” Mary states. “WCA is in my will because I love being part of the Hospital. It’s such a fine organization and I will do anything for it. I think everyone should put WCA Hospital in their will. It’s so important.”

As one of the founders of LINKS Charity, Mary’s vision and dedication has engaged many others in the local fight against cancer and resulted in an unprecedented collaboration of industry, golfers, donors, and committed volunteers, which has generated more than $1 million for local cancer care at WCA.

LINKS Charity was co-founded by Mary and Sondra Anderson in 1991. Allen Short served as Executive Director for the first nineteen years. In an effort to continue their legacy and to provide an avenue of support that will grow in perpetuity, LINKS Charity established the LINKS Charity Cancer Care Fund in 2012 in tribute to these three pioneers. This donor-advised endowment fund will provide on-going, annual support to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer at WCA Hospital.

“It’s essential we have a hospital here and I will do anything to keep it here,” Mrs. Blair continues. “We all benefit so by having a hospital nearby.  I think anyone who can put the Hospital in their will should.  It’s needed and it’s good for the Hospital and the giver.”

Why do we lack the will to make our Will?

During our lives, we all face some projects that seem too daunting or complicated to even get started. We put off the project for a week, a month and sometimes years. Finally, someone offers to help us or an event occurs in our life which prompts us to act. Then, when we take on the project, we find it can be accomplished with far less effort or confusion then first seemed possible. Estate planning and putting our affairs in order may be that project for you.

Why do so many of us lack the will to make a Last Will and Testament?  Primarily, we procrastinate! It might be inconvenient to find an attorney who specializes in estate planning, make the appointment, and spend time going through the process and making decisions. Many people are uncomfortable contemplating death, so we put off completing a will until later.  It is always later, and often later never comes. There are also those who think their net worth simply doesn’t merit the time and effort. They think they have too few assets or everything will automatically go equally to members of their family.

Whatever the reason, there is no better time to take action. Regardless of the size of your estate, whether married or single, with or without children – it is imperative to make a plan. You can take control of how your assets are distributed, while lessening the burden on those you leave behind.  A proper estate plan should select appropriate guardians for your children, transfer assets to individuals and charitable beneficiaries who have impacted your life, and transfer your estate in a tax-efficient manner with as little cost and delay as possible.

The WCA Foundation has been the beneficiary of many generous estate gifts since its inception more than thirty years ago. Year after year, we continue to witness how careful planning combined with the desire to leave an enduring legacy continues to result in lives greatly impacted through the compassionate care provided by our community hospital.

It is very easy to name WCA as a beneficiary in your Last Will and Testament. Simply name either WCA Foundation or WCA Hospital as a beneficiary of a percentage of your estate, or leave a specific gift amount. You can choose to leave restricted or unrestricted gifts as named endowment funds or as part of the Foundation’s funds. Unrestricted gifts enable the greatest future flexibility.

If you would like to discuss including WCA in your estate plans, please contact Karl Sisson, WCA Director of Development, at (716) 664-8423 or Brigetta Overcash, WCA Foundation Executive Director, at (716) 664-8600.

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