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Uptown Salon Goes Pink in Support of WCA Hospital

Hannah and Milana D’Angelo GO PINK to support local breast cancer care at WCA Hospital

Jamestown, NY (Tuesday,October 13, 2015) – For the entire month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Uptown Salon is raising awareness and funds in support of cancer care by dying pink streaks for $7 and on Sunday, October 18th all haircuts will be $5 from 9-2.

They wanted to do something special for the community and also for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When you walk into Uptown Salon, you get a good feeling being there. The purple walls and small fireplace give it a sense of home while you are greeted by a mother and daughter team of stylists.

Nicole Towner states, “We wanted to make a difference in our own community and we know a lot of people that have been diagnosed and affected by breast cancer. This is only a small part of what can be accomplished if we all work together to provide some sense of hope. We want to see people support the cause, and also walk away with knowing they supported something that will be utilized within the community for women. Shades of Pink just made sense.”

WCA Shades of Pink breast screening program started in 2012 in the WCA Center for Imaging. The purpose of this program is to increase access of breast screening to women who are identified as having barriers obtaining a clinical breast exams and mammogram. The name SHADES OF PINK came about which encompasses all the degrees in variations of which women face in accessing breast cancer screening/  No women should die of breast cancer because of a delay in treatment due to the lack of insurance, primary care physicians, transportation, language barriers or their age or the color of their skin. 

WCA Shades of Pink is a “one-stop same day” screening program . Women come to WCA Center for Imaging where a nurse practitioner or physician will perform a clinical breast exam. Then the women moves on to get her mammogram screening and will receive same day results.  WCA’s Certified Breast Navigator educates the women on her results of her screening and helps her to move to further diagnostic testing if her screening identifies any suspicious findings.  The support given by the breast navigator moves throughout the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer.

WCA Shades of Pink coordinates its’ efforts with The Chautauqua County Cancer Services Program to recruit women in underserved areas to the screening program.  They help the women to obtain insurance and coverage to pay for the clinical exam and mammogram. They also help the women find a primary care physician if the women does not have one and is in further need of diagnostic treatment.  They will also work with women who have insurance but have high deductibles and can’t afford breast screening co-pays.

Finding breast cancer in it’s earlies stages can saves lives. The overall efforts of the WCA Shades of Pink breast screening program are to educate, support, and connect women in need of breast screening, diagnosis and treatment of suspicious findings without delay. This will decrease the mortality rate at which women in our community die from breast cancer.

If you are interested in donating to the WCA Shades of Pink Program, please contact Megan D’Angelo, Director of Development at (716)664-8423 or

If you are interested in $5 haircut this Sunday, October 18th from 9-2 or dying a pink streak to support WCA Shades of Pink Program, please call Uptown Salon at (716)720-5054.

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