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Larry Bourne Named WCA Volunteer of the Year

WCA Hospital
From Left are: Steven Kilburn, WCA Hospital Board of Directors Chair; Elizabeth DeRosa, WCA Hospital Volunteer Coordinator; LARRY BOURNE, 2015 5-Star Volunteer Of The Year; Betsy T. Wright, FACHE, WCA Hospital President/CEO; Megan D’Angelo, WCA Hospital Director of Development.

Jamestown, New York (Tuesday, May 26, 2015)—One hundred and fourteen volunteers were recently honored for their hours of service at the annual WCA Hospital 2015 Volunteer Recognition and Awards Luncheon.  Mr. Larry Bourne was named Volunteer of the Year, receiving the 5-Star Volunteer Award.  Larry was recognized for demonstrating extraordinary service and dedication while exemplifying the qualities reflected in the WCA Hospital’s mission.  Mr. Robert Gray was also honored during the luncheon as top hours-honoree, donating 906 hours of service in 2014. 

“Larry has touched the lives of so many throughout our hospital,” said Elizabeth DeRosa, WCA volunteer coordinator.  “He is friendly and very kind to staff, patients, visitors, and our medical staff.  He goes above and beyond for everyone he comes in contact with at WCA and is always reliable, faithful, caring and compassionate toward others.  Staff says Larry possesses a great sense of humor and is noted for his calming and soothing effect on our patients and family members.”

Other volunteers recognized for top hours of service at the volunteer luncheon were, Robert Scott, 840 hours of service and Flip Yates, 796 hours of service.  Top hour guard milestones honors were given to Janet Anderson, 17,000 hours of service; Robert Gray, 9,500 hours of service; and Robert Scott, 8,500 hours of service.

The Luncheon included remarks from Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital President/CEO, Steven Kilburn, Chair of WCA Hospital Board of Directors; and Elizabeth DeRosa, WCA Hospital Volunteer Coordinator.

“WCA would not be what it is today without you,” said Betsy T. Wright, FACHE, WCA Hospital President/CEO.  “As we celebrate 130 years of service this week, it is a wonderful opportunity to stand before you recognize you for your hours of service to WCA Hospital.  I am delighted to report that the wonderful volunteers and auxilians of WCA have been part of the hospital’s rich beginnings since the year 1887 when the ladies of the city, with help from family, friends and neighbors, donated countless hours and energy sewing bed linens, curtains, and gowns for patients in the early beginnings of the hospital. Throughout our history, volunteers have been an essential element of patient care and true ambassadors of our hospital. You are an asset to our community. On behalf of the WCA Hospital leadership, employees, medical staff, and most importantly, our patients and their family members, we thank you for everything you do.”

Steve Kilburn, chair WCA Hospital Board of Directors added, “Although you may only be one person, each life you touch, each person you help, is changed for the better because of you,” said Steve.  “Whether you have volunteered for WCA Hospital for decades or are just string out, your individual talent, commitment and helping hands do so much for WCA and for our community.  We could not do what we do without you!”

Elizabeth DeRosa, remarked, “I realize this event is about you, but I would like to begin by telling you something about me,” said Liz.  “When I began this position, I thought it was one of the best jobs anyone could ever experience and that has not changed.  What could be better than working for unselfish, noble people who give without asking for anything in return?  I feel the caring and willingness to support others every time I visit with our volunteers.  You are the reason that I love to come to work.”

DeRosa reported that 114 active volunteers gave 14,871.50 hours of service in 2014.  Steve Kilburn, Megan D’Angelo, WCA Director of Development; and Mary Phaneuf, Treasurer, WCA Auxiliary presented awards of service to 17,000 hours, Janet Anderson; 9,500 hours, Robert Gray; 8,500 hours, Robert Scott; 4,500 hours, Jane Campbell, Jean Moran; 3,500 hours, Cynthia Baker, Ann Legters; 3,000 hours, Pat Urso, Larry Bourne (Volunteer Of The Year); 2,500 hours, Linda Rublee Kathleen Stuart; 2,000 hours, Elba Lawson; 1,500 hours, Betty Kohlbacher, James Till, Janet Bechmann; 1,000 hours, Flip Yates, Mark Collins, Maria Jacobson; 900 hours, Karen Johnson; 800 hours, Bonnie Anderson, Neil Anderson, Thelma Ecklund, Nancy Huckabone; 700 hours, Dianne Bryan, Dianne Brown; 600 hours, Diana Gronquist, Linda Kennedy; 500 hours, Cheryl Foti, Janet Hewson-Ribbing, Bonnie Magers, Grace Somers; 400 hours, Sally Corkery, Angeline Johnson, Jessica Mancari, Rodney Sager; 300 hours, Ruby Burns, Rose Cresanti, Connie Flowers, Gayle Vossler, John Walton, Barbara Spetz; 200 hours, Gertrude, Melice, Stacy Rupcyzk, Jeanette Moore; 100 hours, Tina Brown, Sharon Keith.  Volunteers who have served in 2014 but have not reached their next hours guard level included, Diane Adams, Jeanne Anderson, Jan Barrelle, Katie Barreto, Donna Beal, Patty Bennett, Carlie Bernhardt, Patricia Berg, Sonya Burkett, Bruce Carlson, Stephen Carlson, Toni Conti, Allison Courtney, Kimberly Crasti, John (Jack) Crate, Bonnie DeRosa, Molly Drake, Charlotte Erickson, Joan Erickson, Kelly Fleming, Lori Freeman, Margaret Fuchs, Grace Gisslin, Rishi Gupta, Hannah Gustafson, Robert herring, Erica Homme, Derek Hosier, Alexa Huntington, Christopher Ibaboa, Maggie Irwin, Jordan Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Patrick Kelley, Kenneth Kilburn, Pat Kinney, Ryan Lamb, Nancy LeBaron, Sarah Lefford, Martha Love, Glenda Lyon, Kirsten Magnuson, Rotsen Martinez, Lois McCreary, kasha Milliman, Barbara Minsker, Kathy Moore, Katie Moran Felicita Pagan, Devaney Paquette, Erica Patrici, June Peide, Benjamin Pitts, Taylor Purdy, Carl Raineir, Bronson Rassmassen, Gloria Raymond, Bill Rollinger, Sam Sabino, Skye Smith, Morgan Steele, Kirstie Surrena, Robert Terreberry, Benjamin Tillotson, Sherwood VanDewark, McKensie Weinstein and Brady Williams.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Elizabeth DeRosa the WCA Volunteer Office at 664-8224.  For more information about volunteer services, visit their website

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