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Speech and Hearing Department

Audiology-Hearing  |  Speech-Language Pathology
Swallowing (Dysphagia)  |  Newborn Screening

The UPMC Chautauqua Speech and Hearing Department has been providing the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of speech, language and hearing disorders for more than 35 years. Our team of professionals maximize the communicative potential of the patient to meet the needs of each individual.

The Speech and Hearing Department is staffed by Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists licensed by the State of New York and Certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. The Department is an approved New York State Department of Health Diagnostic and Treatment Center for patients with communicative disorders.

Appointments and physician referrals are required.

Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday

For more information, call the UPMC Chautauqua Speech and Hearing Department at 716-664-8194.

Audiology-Hearing Services:

Specialized Audiological Services:

  • Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations assess the degree and type of hearing loss.
  • Impedance Testing assesses middle ear function.
  • Hearing Aid Evaluations and Consultations for determining type of hearing aid suited to an individual's hearing loss.
  • Hearing aids are available through the department to assist in maximizing a person's overall communication ability.
  • Auditory Perceptual Evaluations assess how a child decodes, organizes, stores, retrieves, interprets and processes auditory input after the ear hears a message.
  • Electronystagmography Evaluations assess patients with a complaint of dizziness.
  • ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) objectively assesses hearing for difficult to test patients, primarily young children and infants.
  • Auditory Training may include speechreading and coping strategies for a hearing loss.
  • Custom ear plugs for noise protection or to avoid water from entering the ear canal.
  • Industrial Hearing Services to assist industries in meeting the OSHA Hearing conservation Amendment.

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Speech-Language Pathology Services:

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Swallowing (Dysphagia) Services:

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Newborn Screening:

UPMC Chautauqua's Newborn Hearing Screening Program enables all infants to be screened for hearing impairment. The nature of the screening test is to determine who needs further testing so we can effectively address the needs of the children born with hearing loss. Early identification and management of hearing loss allows these newborns the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

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