WCA Hosptial Nursing Staff
Shares The Tools To
Help Patients Quit Smoking

The nursing staff at WCA is among the first in New York State to take part in a new program designed to urge smokers to quit the habit. The new program is called the "2 Minute Intervention" or the Five-A's:

  1. Ask * Ask the patient about tobacco use,
  2. Advise * Advise the patient to quit,
  3. Assess * Assess the patient's willingness to quit,
  4. Assist * Assist in the quit attempt,
  5. Arrange * Arrange for the patient follow-up.

The WCA Wellness team and Chautauqua County Tobacco Control Coalition hope it will help smokers quit. "As health care providers, one of the most important messages we can give patients is to quit smoking," said Laurie Adams, Chautauqua County Tobacco Control Coalition Coordinator. "The education we are providing at WCA is helping the nursing staff play a vital role in talking to every patient who smokes in a very comfortable and understanding environment. As a result, we will see more quit attempts be successful."

"This is a major opportunity for WCA to help promote good health habits for our patients," said Toni DeAngelo, R.N., WCA Wellness Director. "Studies show that patients are more likely to listen to smoking cessation advice when they interact with health care professionals. By incorporating this practice into the nursing staff's daily work and using their standardized charting protocols, we can make a difference in helping our patients by asking them about their smoking habits and advising them to quit."

The good news is that an estimated 70% of smokers want to quit and over 3 million people stop smoking every year! If you know someone who wants to quit, contact the New York State Quit Line at 1-866-NY QUITS or call WCA Wellness at (716) 664-8619. It's one of the most important decisions you can make about your health.

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